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About products

kiroKIRO COSMETICS are a unique completely natural cosmetics, which do not contain water. This is what enables us to give up completely all synthetic preservatives, unlike other cosmetic products, including natural / eco / bio cosmetics that use up to 5% synthetic preservative to be able to provide water-containing product storage. KIRO COSMETICS products consisting of virgin natural oils, extracts of plants and algae powder, that 100% keeps the skin healthy and beautiful.

KIRO COSMETICS anhydrous cosmetics are easy to use and will bring you wellness and joy almost instantly.



Our products fall into 3 types and are suitable for all skin types.


KIRO OIL COSMETICS - These are products that are exclusively composed of oils: fatty oils, essential oils, extracts, oils, etc.. Oil cosmetics requires no synthetic preservatives or formalin.
KIRO DRY COSMETICS – Cosmetics based on the use of plant and algal dry mixes. Water is added when its used. It is very effective and ideally suited for use at home.
KIRO PHYTOBALSAM COSMETICS - It is an innovation and well-forgotten old. Phytobalsam based on oil-based extracts. The only thing you must always keep in mind when using such cosmetics - damp skin.