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About company

mainKiro cosmetics was founded by Irina Kalnina in 2009 with a sole vision of providing the world natural beauty solutions.

Coming from Latvia, one of the greenest countries in European union, it's in Kiro's DNA to come up with natural solutions.

Our headquarters is in Talsi, where the pure and fresh environment adds to our inspiration and helps us create products as pure for you.

Our founder Irina Kalnina has dedicated her life to researching and understanding healthy skin and creating natural cosmetics.

She has gathered knowledge by working with various professional international brands and has 20 years of experience as a professional beautician and salon owner. After years of studies and tests her revolutionary cosmetic solutions which contain zero synthetic preservatives - Kiro Cosmetics was launched in cosmetic salons.

At Kiro Cosmetics it is our constant endeavour to innovate and create natural solutions for our customers.